Hi There, thanks for dropping by

My name is Mark Boyle and I live in Perth, Western Australia.

Photography has been the one constant throughout my life since my early teens. I worked as a commercial photographer in the 1990’s but left the industry in 1997 to study multimedia technology. However, since then I have concentrated on my own photography when possible, focusing mainly on landscape and travel.

Most recently I have begun exploring aerial photography. Something I have wanted to do for a very long time as I felt it would be a medium well suited to my style and aesthetic.


Why do I take photographs?

I guess it gives me the opportunity to see the world around me as though it was for the first time. It is always fresh with new things to see everywhere.

I think as we grow older we tend to notice less and less of the world around us, it all becomes familiar and unsurprising. For me photography prevents this and lets me see the world as a child does with wide eyes and a sense of wonder.

And the process of searching for and taking photographs, particularly landscape, has also been therapeutic. Having suffered from severe anxiety and depression for most of my life this outlet has been extremely important for me and provided a much needed sense of purpose at times.


Buying photographs

My landscape photography is available for sale on this website. All images are inkjet printed on archival photographic paper or canvas and can be bought in a number of different sizes.